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An incredible combination of convenient location and tranquil environment make this apartment a rare mix of culture and quiet. This beautiful and modern 2 bedroom apartment is centrally located on a q ...

Official Parking Sticker

If your apartment does not have an official parking spot, it is still possible to get a city sticker that will permit you to park in front of your apartment without paying the parking meter. You will need to take your apartment rental contract, car rental contract and your passport to the City Municipal Office.
It is located at 1 Kikar Safra (central Jerusalem) Exact location, please click here -
Phone number: 02-629-7889
It is open from Sun- Thurs from 8 AM – 1 PM and on Tues from 4-6 PM

Easy Park

Another option for parking is to buy an EasyPark from any Yellow gas station or post office. You simply put it in your window and press on when you leave the car; it will work for up to 4 hours. When you return you simply press off and it will only deduct the amount of time that you used. This works all over Jerusalem so it is a great alternative to the official parking sticker.