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Meet Our Team


Akiva Bookman 

Owner - CEO 
Phone 443-498-8209 
Akiva is the Owner of RENTALS OF DISTINCTION. He is known to have unbelievable customer service and professionalism. His patience, honesty and attention to detail are what really make people feel comfortable working with him. His reputation is that he will get the job done and will work tirelessly until you are 100% satisfied. 

Aliza Bookman 

Director of Marketing 
Phone 443-498-8209 
Aliza is married to Akiva Bookman and runs the marketing department of Rentals Of Distinction. She is known for her professionalism and her ability to think out of the box to help families plan their trips. Her woman's touch really ads to the company in helping families with extra arrangements like food, babysitters, touring, etc. 

Rafi Cohn 

Chief Operating Officer - COO 
Phone 443-498-8209 
Rafi is our new COO With his upbeat nature and warm personality make it a pleasure to go over the different apartment options available without pressure or stress. His unique style is really a big asset to the company. We are so glad to have him on board! 

Dina Yifrah 

Office Administrator 
Phone 443-498-8209 

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